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Spotswood Farm 

 Formerly known as the Cheviot golf course, our Spotswood farm has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. From its days as a sheep, beef, and winter dairy grazing property, to its current status as a thriving horticultural block, our journey began in 2017 with a vision for productivity and growth.


We operate on over 100 hectares of irrigated land at Spotswood. With a rich history that spans from golf course greens to grazing pastures, our farm now stands as a testament to the potential of horticultural excellence in the region.


Situated just under half an hour's drive from our Claverley farm, a mere ten minutes from the Cheviot township, and a convenient one hour twenty from Christchurch, the Spotswood farm is a prime location with easy access to key markets and resources.


With a balance of fantastic soils, reliable irrigation, and top-notch infrastructure, the farm is perfectly suited for the production of summer iceberg lettuce, broccoli, and babyleaf mesclun and spinach. Our commitment to quality and sustainability drives every aspect of our operation, ensuring that our produce meets the highest standards from farm to table.


While Spotswood's history may have revolved around sheep and beef, our recent focus on horticultural crops reflects our dedication to innovation and growth. With ongoing investments in technology, research, and development, we are helping shape the future of horticulture in North Canterbury and beyond.



Scottfresh - Spotswood

Details   592 Downs Rd, Spotswood 7381, New Zealand
  • Summer harvest
  • Iceberg lettuce, broccoli and Babyleaf Mesclun and Spinach
  • November - May