The Storehouse Accommodation - Parnassus

Once a supermarket in its former life, the Storehouse is now a backpacker’s style accommodation only available to the team who work at Scottfresh Limited.

It is independently owned and operated by locals Krissy and Brian Coe.

While it is not a commercial backpacker’s, the accommodation is backpacker style with free Wi-Fi, cooking facilities, washing machines, bunkrooms, etc. It has two large kitchens, two large living areas (one including a pool table), and a large undercover outdoor area equipped with outdoor furniture and a BBQ, so you certainly will not feel short of space! There is an expectation that you fit in with the inclusive and fun-loving culture of the Storehouse.

The current charge is $120 per week (which is a discount from the normal rate of $140 per week), this is deducted weekly from your pay. The charge for wanting to live at the accommodation and stay in your camper/self-contained van is $100 per week. That is the only involvement Scottfresh Limited has with the accommodation. The weekly charge is based on shared bunkroom accommodation. Depending on the number of people staying at the Storehouse, there may be options to stay in a smaller room at times (e.g., single, or double).


The Storehouse is based at 128 Sisters Road, Parnassus.