Location: The Perfect Setting

Details   Our strategic locations in North Canterbury provide us with the ideal environments to cultivate a diverse range of fresh vegetables year-round. With two distinct locations and climates, we are able to offer our customers a consistent supply of premium produce, including iceberg lettuce, broccoli, babyleaf mesclun, and spinach.

Our farms benefit from the region's fertile soils, abundant sunshine, and temperate climate. These optimal growing conditions allow us to produce vegetables of exceptional quality and flavor, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for our customers.

Our operations span two distinct locations within North Canterbury, each offering its own set of advantages. From the rich farmlands of Spotswood to the coastal plains of Claverley, our farms are strategically positioned to maximize productivity and minimize environmental impact.

By harnessing the unique characteristics of each location, we are able to extend our growing season and maintain a year-round supply of fresh vegetables.

Experience the difference that location makes with Scottfresh. From our farms in North Canterbury to your table, we are dedicated to delivering fresh, high-quality vegetables all year round.