Baby leaf

Grown in Greendale in summer and in the Conway in winter, we are able to supply baby leaf and coriander all year around. The machine harvest allows us to cut the crop evenly and at the right length to meet our customer's wishes.



The leafy vegetable is a nutritious powerhouse. Rich in antioxidants, low in cholesterol and high in zinc, magnesium and iron. Due to its remarkable qualities, spinach helps to lowers the risk of cancer, reduces blood pressure and improves bone health.
Add it to your smoothie, your salad, sandwich or cook it – there are absolutely no limit as to how to eat or prepare your spinach.



Mesclun describes a mix of different types of small salad leaves. We mainly grow mizuna (green and red), mibuna, kale, red antler, pak choi (red and green) and rocket.  The combination of green and red leaves provides different textures and flavours.

One of the most nutritious varieties of the bunch is kale. Known as a green superfood, it is amongst the healthiest vegetables according to the WHO.  Kale is a great source of vitamin A, C and especially K, with containing more than 6 times in a single cup than the recommended daily amount.



Also known as Chinese parsley or cilantro, coriander is a very common herb and used in cooking throughout the world.

This herb has not only a very unique and distinctive taste, it is full of beneficial nutritious goods such as minerals, vitamins, acids and different components of essential oils. It is also known to help reduce skin inflammation, reduce blood pressure and stimulate digestion.

Do you have some fresh coriander leaves at home and you are wondering how to preserve them? Here is a good alternative: Freeze the greens in a plastic bag. They will last months and you just take a bit out at a time!

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